Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ireland videos

Thought I would experiment a little bit with this post. I have taken a couple of brief (~30 sec) videos over the last couple days in Ireland. I am experimenting with attaching them to blog posts. All of my videos can be found on YouTube under the user name tngl4ut. I am still working on getting our wedding videos cleared to be seen publicly. They are currently being blocked by YouTube because of the music used in the wedding ceremony. Their automatic copyright software has flagged the videos as having potentially copyrighted content and YouTube\Google is playing it safe at the moment.

One thing I wish I would have done more of on our round the world trip and that would be to take more videos in various places. The down side with doing this is that videos take up so much memory on the camera's memory card and on my laptop's hard drive. Also, in many of the places we were at the internet bandwidth wasn't always that great with uploads speeds being the typical 1/8th the speed of downloads. In many places in Europe such as Ireland they have great broadband internet access with some countries having better access than in the US. I plan on writing a thorough post within the next day or so. We've been on the go quite a bit with not that much time to write. Tomorrow should actually be a slow day.

Here is my 1st attempt to embed videos shot with my camera into a blog post. Shouldn't be a problem. They are both only around 30 seconds long. One is from the Dingle Peninsula where we stopped to take some pictures where another is from a pub in Dingle where we listened to some Irish music one evening. Enjoy!